Different Flavors of Boba Team

With the extensive range of available varieties and combinations, bubble tea could indicate something distinct to every individual. Keep on reading to know more about this beverage and the flavors that you’ll mostly find on almost all the menus of the house of?bubble tea near me.


Green Tea

The traditional bubble tea originally uses black tea as the base. But you can also see plenty of bubble tea flavors that use green tea as the base. The latter can greatly help anyone who would like to enjoy the health benefits that can be offered by green tea or those who want to cut off their caffeine intake. Other options of green tea flavors that you could find on the menu of a bubble tea house include passion fruit, jasmine, and peppermint.

Milk Tea

Milk tea refers to a boba tea that’s made with a dairy substitute or pure dairy. However, other milk teas can also be formulated with or without boba. Though this is purely based on personal preference, a lot of people observed that there are flavors that suit better for milk tea compared to others. Some of the most frequently ordered flavors of milk tea include taro, coffee, almond, avocado, coconut, red bean, green bean, mocha, and Thai tea. Moreover, some fruit flavors match well with milk like peach, mango, strawberry, pineapple, orange, papaya, and honeydew.

Cheese Tea

This type of boba tea is basically black or green tea that’s topped with a foam made out of milk, sweet or salty cream cheese, and whipping cream. Usually, the drink is garnished with a hint of sea salt. Most of the time, cheese tea is also recognized as cheese mousse tea or milk cap tea.

Fruit Tea

On the contrary, other fruit flavors are more well-known as fruit tea, which refers to a bubble that does not have milk. Some of the popular examples of fruit tea include lemon, kiwi, passion fruit, raspberry, cantaloupe, green apple, lychee, and cherry.

Matcha Tea

When you’re planning to try a flavor that’s quite similar to your taste, then perhaps you can order a matcha boba tea. Matcha tea has an earthy flavor because of the green tea leaves, which are already well-known in different drink varieties like matcha coffee. Boba teas with this particular flavor is a lot more delicious since it’s also mixed with boba pearls, honey, and almond milk. Moreover, matcha tea has a creamy, rich texture as well. Also, this tea can offer plenty of health benefits like burning calories and boosting metabolism.


Boba tea is a beverage that you can always customize based on your taste and preference. That is easily is made possible with the wide range of available add-ins for this famous beverage. Other examples of add-ins include coconut jelly, coffee jelly, mango jelly, grass jelly, popping boba, extra boba, caffeine shots, and pudding. Given all the possible options you can use, you won’t ever run out of boba tea types to try for yourself.